The Bee


The honeycomb, the paramount in nature’s design is at the very core of Tsubasa Bee’s technological advancement.



Lightness and stiffness aren’t usually found together in bicycle frames. But then Tsubasa Bee isn’t your usual bike. You’ll believe it when you ride it.


The more you trust your bicycle, the harder you can push. Nature itself testifies to the strength of Tsubasa Bee’s honeycomb structure.


Honeycomb dimples on the frame surface create a thin layer of turbulent air for the bike to pierce. Robust and ferociously quick – Tsubasa Bee lets riders push further, faster.


Frame: Full carbon with Kevlar core

BB Shell: PF30, BB30, T47, BSA

Head Tube: 1 1/8

Seat Tube: ISP

Fork: ENVE


Hand made using the finest materials available anywhere. High modulus is at the heart of Crow, the most uncompromising of fast bicycles.


The geometry of a bicycle frame is one of the key elements when talking about maximized performance. This is the precise reason why we recommend for all of our customers to have a custom fitting session at a specialized bicycle fitters.


If you are based in London, then we recommend getting a custom fitting done at Bespoke Cycling. Once it is done, we will receive the necessary data to build you a perfect custom bicycle.
As an alternative, we will be able to provide you a diagram with a list of necessary measurements needed which will enable us to begin your custom build.



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