Fully Custom


A fully custom frame goes even further than form – its very fibre is customised for each and every rider.
A choice of pre-pregs and fibre layup are available for every requirement, so rider performance is optimised.



Tsubasa is offering a new opportunity for its customers to design a custom frame together with a the Tsubasa team. Not just custom looks and custom geometry, you can also design your own custom tube sets with Tsubasa Bicycles.


During the discussion stage we will have a series of conversations in order to find out and crystallize your expectations. It will help us to understand your needs and maximise the final results.


Once we have a good idea of what you need and expect from your frame, we will propose design concepts which we believe will work best for you.


At this stage we will actually begin hand-building a bike personally for you. After which you will get to ride your custom dream machine.


We have partnered with a range of bicycle components manufacturers to offer you competitive prices.


Tsubasa Tubing is a state of an art composite tubing designed and made in-house specifically for road and track bicycle construction. We have developed our very own formulas of layups, which can be tweaked and altered by introducing different kind of pre-pregs and manipulating layups in order to suit the specific need of every single rider for a specific purpose. With a the help of world-leading industries manufacturing the best materials for production of composite structures, Tsubasa is capable of producing bicycle-specific tubing at excellent quality. Universal, standardized, generic are all things you will not find at Tsubasa Bicycles. Every single step of manufacturing is made without the involvement of third parties, and executed under the same roof in order to achieve precise results at highest standard. Tsubasa Bicycles took custom carbon fibre bicycles frame building to a different level.


The geometry of a bicycle frame is one of the key elements when talking about maximized performance. This is the precise reason why we recommend for all of our customers to have a custom fitting session at a specialized bicycle fitters.


If you are based in London, then we recommend getting a custom fitting done at Bespoke Cycling if you are in East Asia, contact guys at Fitskuul. Once it is done, we will receive the necessary data to build you a perfect custom bicycle.
As an alternative, we will be able to provide you a diagram with a list of necessary measurements needed which will enable us to begin your custom build.



Fill in your basic contact details so that we can provide you with more information.


Please fill in your basic anatomical data and we will provide you with a ballpark price together with a rough timescale of how long it will take us to produce the tube set and build a frame for you.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us using the contact sheet form below. Alternatively, use the details provided on the contact page.