History is made out of personal stories.

We don’t ask what. We ask who. Who is this rider and how can we capture their spirit in this frame.

There were two things in my life which have always interested me. What my mind and imagination can do and what my body is capable of. As a result, I’ve been naturally drawn to creative disciplines to challenge the mind, and sports to challenge my body.
The office work I pursued after graduating from architecture, engineering and design was rapidly killing me from the inside.

Sports became my only escape. Unfortunately, eventually my body broke; and it was a moment it screamed for a change.
The direction of a change was natural, combining my two interests – academic and practical knowledge + experience in sports = designing and building bicycle frames.

We live in the 21st century and using the most advanced materials is vital if we are aiming for the best results. Those who have been athletes know that there is only one chance in your lifetime, your prime time, when you will either make it or the chance will be missed. Those people will understand the importance of a tool they have to rely on, in this case the bicycle, which will either become obstacles to achieving greatness or will help them to achieve their absolute very best when they need it.

Tsubasa Bicycles was created for this precise reason – to enable us to be at our very best at all times by using the best and most advanced materials on a planet Earth. To build uncompromisingly fast bicycles (which can be done only through the custom process).

Bikes should be spirit built, not just custom built.